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Why become a Synoptek Channel Partner?

Our partnership ecosystem is at the center of furthering Synoptek’s highly regarded suite of managed services. By combining our offering in partnership, we’re able to extend our indirect sales while allowing our partners to extend the reach of their business portfolios.

We currently work with partners of all kinds from data centers to IT consulting firms and managed service providers to network carriers and systems integrators. We’re interested in industry of all varieties where having a managed service catalog as a part of your portfolio will help you extend your business.

The best part is, our channel partner program recognizes current competitive industry prices and margins and we provide truly worthwhile incentives for us to all work together.

We really like working with other industry leaders. We think that collaboratively we have a lot to share. When we all make money, we all win. When working with Synoptek Partners can expect:

  •  Strong leadership and collaborative selling environment
  • Share the relationship, share the revenue
  • “Private label” selling options for our services
  • Use of any of our services on an “al-la-carte” basis
  • No sales commitments are required to start a partnership

Residual or recurring revenue is what can happen after you put a lot of time and effort into your passions. Managed services is our passion and we’re about to make it yours.

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