Irvine, CA – February 1, 2017 – Synoptek, a leading global managed IT services provider and cloud-services firm, today announces the launch of their comprehensive US-wide Cloud Assessment and Planning Service. In a client partnership with Synoptek, the strategic components of this new service are designed to effectively guide organizations to realize a 55-70% reduction in migration planning cycles and an overall cost savings of 35-46%.

As US companies face significant technology decisions about the future of in-house data systems hardware versus cloud-based solutions, Synoptek provides value in this new Cloud Assessment and Planning Service. Synoptek’s new service helps organizations determine their total cost of ownership (TCO) based on an optimal cloud configuration. Using an efficient and calculated model, Synoptek has seamlessly moved over 3,000 virtual machines to the cloud for numerous clients.

In this strategic cloud-forward approach, Synoptek addresses a widespread demand for expert data analytics, appropriate cost analyses, and relevant recommendations to simplify cloud migration and management tasks. The service identifies both “right-sized” cloud configurations and a “best-fit” provider for IT organizations. The Synoptek Cloud Assessment and Planning Service is comprised of seven dynamic components in which valued clients engage to produce desired results.

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment—Comprehensive analysis that identifies a “best-fit” cloud configuration for the customer.
  • Cloud Migration Strategy—Extensive roadmap that encompasses costs, tools, security, governance, and a mapping of application dependencies for optimum efficiency.
  • “Right-Sized” Resource Allocation—Complete review of performance and usage patterns to plan capacity needs, maximize capabilities, and reduce unnecessary costs in idle computer resources and unused storage.
  • Total Cost Assessment—Cost visibility analysis that helps customers understand their expected ROI based on relevant pricing model options.
  • Real-time Cost Comparisons—Customer cost-savings exercise comparing total cost of ownership (TCO) across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and other leading cloud platforms.
  • Performance Advisory—Detailed analysis on computing, storage, and networking components to identify a precise custom cloud configuration for optimum performance.
  • Cloud Clarity—Synoptek cloud experts evaluate complex reports and work with customers to understand the data and make recommendations for their unique environment.

“Firms today are facing an increasing struggle to become compliant with regulations, secure their data systems, and simultaneously meet the demands of both customer and employees.  We successfully solve these growing demands upon enterprise IT organizations’ on-premise infrastructures by taking advantage of highly efficient, proven cloud-based solutions,” said Miles Feinberg, Vice President of Service Development at Synoptek. “We’re seeing tremendous demand to help firms adopt cloud technologies in order to be nimble in meeting today’s digital challenges.”

The Synoptek Cloud Assessment and Planning Service is designed to attract leaders ready to partner for success in accurate and well-reasoned analyses as their primary method for planning and adopting efficient cloud based solutions.

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Synoptek offers IT consulting, managed services, cloud services, and on-premise IT management as well as 24×7 end user support for improving business results. With over 525 employees and more than 2,000 active customers in the United States and abroad, Synoptek provides comprehensive information technology management services and support. Synoptek leverages ITIL service management processes, customer-focused IT architecture, and operational excellence to deliver uninterrupted services demanded by today’s market. Over the past four years, Synoptek has been consistently recognized for thought leadership and growth as confirmed by industry awards and recognition including a #4 Total-Service-Provider by MSPmentor in the World’s Top Managed Services Providers in 2016, CRN’s Elite 150 Managed Services Providers, and recognition on the Talkin’ Cloud Top 100 Cloud Services Providers list for 2014, 2015, and 2016. For more information, visit




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Synoptek is an established firm that provides information systems consulting and IT management services. Synoptek and its predecessors have been providing these services for 23 years.