IRVINE, Calif., March 7, 2017– Synoptek, leading global managed IT services provider and managed cloud-services firm, today announces the launch of a Cybersecurity Training and Testing service designed to train end users and change behaviors in an effort to reduce organizational risks. As part of this essential service, Synoptek’s Cybersecurity advisors work closely with organizations to develop a comprehensive, custom-tailored training program that helps to establish a “human firewall.”

Synoptek’s new Cybersecurity Training and Testing service is a concentrated effort toward mitigating the ongoing epidemic of unprecedented risks and threats to organizations’ technology environments. Synoptek’s aim is to reduce companies’ exposure and minimize attack surfaces at an organizational level. This Cybersecurity Training and Testing service launch comes at an opportune time on the part of Synoptek, as companies are being targeted by ever-increasing social engineering schemes.

“Our human protection solutions guard your employees against cybercrime with comprehensive internet security awareness training which conditions them to be wary of threats from Wi-Fi to the inbox,” shares Miles Feinberg, VP of Service Development at Synoptek. “You could heavily invest in expensive cyber security products and your data systems could still remain vulnerable to persistent social engineering attacks.”

The Cybersecurity Training and Testing service comprises seven dynamic components in which organizations take part to lower risks and instill user resiliency.

  • Baseline Testing—Synoptek initiates a statistical campaign to establish a per-user threat baseline.
  • User Security Awareness Training—On-demand, interactive training and exercises expose major cyber threats, instill best practices, and help in adherence to security compliancy.
  • Simulated Phishing Attacks—Real-time monthly email phishing attacks are instigated to inform and engage users and promote a desirable response.
  • Simulated USB Drive Attacks—Users are presented with a highly pervasive threat vector in USB devices and instructed on the proper reaction.
  • Ongoing Actionable Intelligence—Data is used for understanding security gaps, producing intelligence reporting, and implementing mitigation plans.
  • Continuous Improvement—Ongoing simulations and training exercises sharpen employee responses and help to continually develop organizational antibodies to protect against cyber mercenaries.
  • Synoptek’s Managed Approach—Synoptek helps your organization overcome the challenges of establishing and maintaining an enterprise wide “human firewall.”

“By regularly training and testing employees on the latest threats, lessons will be learned and behavior can improve over time.” From a broader perspective, Miles said, “that in addition to security awareness, there are complimentary Synoptek security solutions that provide defense in depth to comprehensively protect organizations.”

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