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What Makes Synoptek Different?

What Makes Synoptek Great?

Synoptek Employee Synoptek Employee Synoptek Employee
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Director of ITC Client Technology Officer Support Engineer II
“The opportunity to find your own path is what makes this company special. Do you want to focus on one technology? Do you enjoy Linux? Do you want to run an office, run a team? You can do all of that here.  The best memories I have at Synoptek surrounded the camaraderie of people – not necessarily working, but simply spending time together.” “Synoptek’s consultative approach is something I’ve always believed to be the key to success and why companies need experienced IT thought leaders for long term success.  When I found Synoptek and found this concept to be part of its core DNA, I knew this was a team I needed to be a part of.”


“Synoptek is a wonderful place to work because we are exposed to a wide variety of environments and technologies and get to work with a diverse group of talented individuals.”


Synoptek Culture

Being recognized as one of the fastest growing managed services providers in the nation is no accident. It stems from a company that has amazing, talented and invested employees who foster a culture of community, growth and life balance. We’re a company that is consistently evolving, so it’s important we’re able to depend on one another and work closely together. Our specialty is FUN!!!!  At Synoptek we are visionaries on and off the clock.  Often times we think of some of our best work at team happy hours, evenings playing softball or morning cookouts around the waffle maker. If this work hard / play hard environment sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, consider applying for one of our open positions today.

Synoptek Culture and DNA

 A Few Office Perks: 

  • Kegerator in every office
  • Snacks
  • BBQ’s
  • Company Sponsored Happy Hours
  • Queso
  • Much, much more….

Synoptek DinnerSynptek DNA lunch


Health Insurance:

Synoptek offers healthcare coverage for every employee across the US and international. With Medical, Dental and Vision insurance offered, our employees have access to benefits for themselves as well as their family under our company-sponsored plan. For those that chose to take advantage of the Health Insurance options, Synoptek makes a significant contribution to help cover the cost of medical premiums.


Synoptek understands that planning for the future is an important decision when considering any employer.  Synoptek offers its employees a very competitive 401K Plan with a variety of different investment options, and a company matching program.


Synoptek combines both Sick and Vacation days together so that every employee has the opportunity to take full advantage of all the time offered to them.  These days can be used for vacation, me time or sick days.  Our PTO is grows with your tenure here at Synotpek starting at 18 days of PTO per year.

Life Insurance/Short term disability/Long term disability:

Synoptek covers the premiums for all.  Covered, covered and covered.


Travel and Train:

Synoptek hosts a Travel and Train event 2-4 times a year.  During these events, we take a group of 12-18 employees someplace really cool to learn about something new.  It’s an awesome opportunity to play together, learn together, bridge the gap between locations and team and spend time getting to know one another as the extraordinary, intelligent, smart-ass wonders we are.

Travel & Learn Collage


A quarterly event taking place in a sweet location, bringing together an eclectic mix of new hires and tenured internal employees . Also referred to as  a four day nitty gritty/drink-the-kool-aid-and discover-it-actually-tastes-pretty-darn-good intensive internal development program covering all things Synoptek.

Get Paid to Learn:

Training incentives

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