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Discover IT: College Recruiting

Trying to kick start your career after graduation can be tricky. That’s why Synoptek offers full-time entry-level positions to students graduating in 2018, who will bring energetic, hardworking and enthusiastic ideas to the table. These positions provide new graduates with opportunities to work with a wide range of Synoptek clients that will help them improve their business acumen, IT Management and consulting skillset by leveraging technology to deliver superior business results.

Upon graduation, students will be offered a full-time opportunity as a Technology Analyst beginning their journey into becoming Synoptek’s next generation of leadership. Each student selected will embark on a six-month highly intensive training program designed to develop their skills across our Managed and Professional Services practices to find their perfect fit within Synoptek.

The Target Candidate:

Our company is dedicated to providing results-driven, quality services. We strive to achieve business results for operational and technology intensive clients by increasing their sales, improving their profitability and reducing their risk. Achieving our mission requires us to attract and retain creative, talented, entrepreneurial and achievement-oriented persons. In order to provide innovative solutions to our clients, each employee must take personal responsibility for the success of this organization.

We are looking for:

  • College graduates
  • A grow and evolve mentality
  • Leadership/consulting-coachable individuals
  • Strong technical aptitude with killer interpersonal skills
  • Ambition
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Focused IT disciplines:

As a Technology Analyst you will be focused around Synoptek’s four major IT disciplines:

  • Enterprise Security
    • Synoptek blends the operational function of security monitoring with in-depth analysis to effectively identify & mitigate known & unknown threats, working 24/7 x 365 days a year so you don’t have to.
  • Hybrid Cloud
    • We take extra care in designing your hosting environment & then managing it with Synoptek’s toolsets & a team of IT professionals, creating a new level of agile, secure, cost-effective, data storage
  • Application Management
    • Synoptek offers in-depth performance monitoring, application server monitoring & patch management to improve application performance for your business & lower operating costs by 15-40%.
  • Core Infrastructure Management
    • Synoptek blends speed, agility & simplicity to minimize the many challenges in scaling & managing your technology while effectively reducing costs, which simplifies your information technology environment.

Six-Month Training:

As a Technology Analyst in the College program you will participate in the following:

  • Mentorship Program
    • Six-month partnership with a Synoptek leadership member focused around our Core DNA: clarity, ownership, results, growth and team.
  • Boot Camps
    • Technical camp – this training is structured to facilitate accelerated learning. You will spend more time learning key concepts and working in hands-on labs. These trainings are exciting and one of the most effective ways of learning rapidly.
    • Leadership camp – are designed to help emerging leaders develop critical skills necessary for functioning as effective and productive leaders within an organization.
  • SynopTrek
    • SynopTrek is a four-day intensive training that provides employees a better insight into our business, how our various teams work and how each of us fits into the grand scheme of things. The course is designed to provide hands on experience in all areas of Synoptek by working through case studies, roundtable discussion and some lecture activities.
  • Conferences (examples)
    • Azure/AWS
      • Build your cloud skills by attending a Microsoft Azure conference.
    • VMware
      • Build your knowledge in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology by attending a VMware conference.
    • Security
      • Attend an IT security conference to build your knowledge on security, audits and compliance at all levels.
    • Team Assignments
      • You will be assigned to a team giving you the chance to act as a consultant, working closely with other team members


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