Comparing Cloud Services

Cloud Cost Comparisons Made Easy

Comparing Cloud Services

C-Suite executives are realizing they are not getting the benefits they had hoped from “cloud services.”  Cloud pricing models are very complex and subject to interpretation by different service providers.  Cloud users are trying to figure out whether monthly, annual, or pay on demand models are the best fit for their organization and budget.

Almost every organization we talk to has stated that their cloud costs are rising.  Cloud pricing models very difficult to compare event if you possess the technical skills.


  • Which cloud configuration is the best fit for your business?
  • How can cloud service offerings be compared?
  • By getting backup, collaboration services, and email services from the same provider are you getting a better deal?
  • Are you getting the benefits from using off-premises solutions that you expected?
  • Is your IT department skilled enough to migrate and integrate public and private cloud environments?
  • Are you effectively managing the security risks associated with working in a hybrid cloud environment?


Cloud Service Provider Analysis

To answer the above questions and prepare to migrate to a hybrid cloud environment you should first complete a cloud assessment.  The Synoptek Cloud Assessment Service is a cloud infrastructure analytics service providing data analytics, cost analysis, and recommendations to speed and simplify cloud migration and management.

This service helps you determine “right-sized” cloud configurations and the “best-fit” cloud provider for your environment.

Within 30 days this service automates application discovery, creates dependency mapping, analyzes performance metrics, resource utilization, and your usage patterns.  Below are a couple of examples of the data you will be able to use for cloud analysis.


Cloud Assessment Compute Summary


Cloud Assessment Storage Summary Report


Cloud Network Assessment Summary


Synoptek Cloud Assessment Report

Synoptek’s Cloud Assessment Service will provide you a detailed vendor-agnostic analysis of your AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other public cloud services.  The Synoptek Cloud Professionals have operating experience with all the leading cloud platforms will give you the knowledge you cannot find anywhere else.  The Cloud Assessment Report will:

  • Provide precise cloud migration informationIT Consultant Services
  • Compare the costs of AWS, Microsoft Azure and other public cloud services based on your specific configurations
  • Ensure your cloud computing needs are met, and right-sized
  • Create an optimal (costs vs. performance) cloud environment
  • Improve your ROI and maximize your cloud investments while proposing significant cost efficiencies


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