Denver Data Center

Best-in-class data center and Synoptek Managed IT Services

“Best of the West”

Synoptek provides enterprise caliber Manged Services for small to medium sized businesses. Our Denver data center provides local support and  24×7 operations that ensures your data will be secure and your network will run without any disruptions. Synoptek data centers are capable of providing the following services: hosting, disaster recovery, collocation, cloud services, and managed services.

To schedule a visit to one of our facilities, or to learn more about our services, call us 888-796-6783 or email us at

Advantages of Using Synoptek’s Hosting Facilities:

  • SSAE-16 Compliant – Our facilities meet the most rigorous compliance standards
  • Protect vital records and information by using secure storage in all of our data centers
  • Improved interaction with your customers through improved IT system performance and reliability
  • Spend less time with IT issues and spend more time on running your business
  • Redundant backup – Fail-over systems and uninterrupted power supply keeps you from experiencing costly downtime due to outages
  • Industry leading infrastructure – Access powerful technologies that will help your organization maximize productivity without the high capital expenses of owning and maintaining your own infrastructure

Denver Data Center Facts:


  • With four separate UPS systems, each at N+1 redundancy, we can offer true A/B power feeds to each rack
  • UPS systems fed from diverse sources to prevent loss of critical power
  • 48V DC power plant with redundant rectifiers and batteries
  • Starline Busway rail power distribution offers quick, flexible power deployment
  • Distribution system designed to deliver dual-feed power to every rack
  • Critical components are equipped with bypass mechanisms, allowing for full maintenance without interruption
  • With the employment of items such as blanking panels, air dams and venting solutions, we can provide over 10KW per rack
  • 20MW of 2N power capacity
  • Paralleled N+1 PowerWare UPS modules
  • Best-of-breed SquareD Switch Gear
  • Best-of-breed APC PDU technology
  • Redundant diesel generators
  • Significant on-site fuel supply to ensure continuous operation in the event of a utility power failure.


  • Cooling available at N+1 redundancy
  • Redundant and energy-efficient ultrasonic humidification systems maintain precise humidity distribution
  • Hot aisle and cold aisle configuration 
  • Redundant chilled water cooling system and high efficiency, multistage cooling operation utilizing economization, evaporation and DX cooling technologies
  • Cooling units are engineered to achieve a 1.3 PUE when the facility is at full capacity
  • Rack based cooling solution achieves power densities of 40KW per cabinet
  • Cooling System designed managed to exceed ASHRAE standards for data center temperature and humidity
  • 36″ raised floor plenum provides cooling to server racks


  • Carrier-neutral facility
  • Multiple active Internet connections
  • Sub-1 Millisecond access to Savvis’ four national OC-192s
  • Two 10-Gigabit Ethernet Fiber (GigE) connections to SAVVIS
  • Sub-1 millisecond access to Savvis’ four national OC-192s
  • Two GigE connections to Level 3


  • Off-site alarm monitoring and fire department dispatch
  • Multi-zoned above and below-floor detectors that are monitored both internally and off-site with fire department dispatch
  • Pre-action dry pipe fire suppression systems
  • Only discharges in area where the temperature would rise to trigger a fire sprinkler head
  • VESDA Smoke Detection
  • 24x7X365 building access and on-site security
  • Alarm system with cameras on all perimeter points of the building
  • Multi-level access authorization
  • Security access controlled areas
  • Dual mode authentication via badge and biometric hand geometry to access all data center spaces
  • Single point of contact – Local Support
  • State-of-the-art alarm system