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Evaluating IT Services for Media and Entertainment Organizations

The entertainment industry relies on fast and efficient distribution and tight coordination with marketing to be profitable. Release windows shrink, distribution channels shift, and costs are always rising.  Digital rights management adds another layer to the demands placed on your IT infrastructure. Secure, large file sharing and reliable cloud-based storage in many diverse locations all contribute to the IT challenges faced by Media and Entertainment companies.

Synoptek works with many entertainment companies to help them manage their IT systems, processes, and technologies, to meet the demands of today’s marketplace. Our services include expert consulting and fixed-bid design and implementation of complete systems—to help clients achieve improved business results.  The performance levels of our managed IT infrastructure services are guaranteed in writing.

Synoptek has the expertise to help you ease business pressures and manage your IT needs.


Synoptek’s Comprehensive Suite of Managed Services for Media and Entertainment Organizations:

  • IT Advice and Consulting:  Our skilled IT Solution Architects advise companies in a highly complex information technology environment where businesses are challenged to continue to manage ever-changing technology. Understand more about IT Consulting.
  • Security Management Services:  Compliance with HIPAA, PCI, DSS, more, end-point security management, firewall security management, intrusion detection services, intrusion protection services, web security, single sign on, email security, spam, antivirus, malware, 24×7 Security Operations Center. Understand more about IT Security.
  • Project and Program Management:  Synoptek professionals can implement programs and project management to organize resources and drive activities to improve business results. Understand more about IT Project Management.
  • IT Management and Support:  Our responsive IT management and support services are based on a solid investment in advanced IT toolsets, advanced IT service management platforms and IT professionals skilled at problem-solving. contact-usUnderstand more about IT infrastructure monitoring and management.
  • Cloud Services: Secure, scalable, reliable, virtual, private, hybrid or public, the Synoptek cloud services package is designed for uptime, optimization, and mobility. Understand more about AWS, Azure and Managed Cloud Services.
  • Application Services:  Synoptek ensures optimal performance for SaaS companies application tiers: web, middleware, and databases. Learn more…
  • Comprehensive IT Outsourcing:  With the Synoptek IT outsourcing model, companies experience cost savings, standardized operations, and efficiencies, and simplified IT management and support using our ITIL-based approach. Understand more about the advantages of IT outsourcing.

IT Security Services in Media

Use our 24×7 Help Desk Services and our ability to monitor cloud, server, and endpoint devices to have us also provide IT Security Services.  Synoptek’s Managed Security Services will provide you the security that cloud providers do not offer.  Protect your valuable Media properties by understanding how to protect your IT infrastructure.  Learn more about our complete IT Security Services assurance.

Cyber Security is best handled by an Award Winning Managed Service Provider 

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to work with an MSP, with a Cyber Security focus like Synoptek.  Our experience in managing thousands of devices gives us the knowledge to apply the appropriate security software and devices to give you the protection you need. Our 24×7 monitoring can alert you in real-time.

IT Services Management, from a CFO Perspective Network Anomaly Detection Services

Malware, Trojan horses, virus threats all are “defined” in protection programs and then scans occur to detect their existence.  The benefit in using Synoptek’s Network Anomaly Detection Service is that it can provide protection both internally and externally and identify a threat without having to define in advance exactly what the threat might be.

Cloud Hosting for Financial Services Industry Effectively Managing the Costs of Cyber Security Protection

Cyber Security is a rapidly evolving challenge.  Learn how to manage your cyber security risk while using cloud services and at the same time manage your costs. Companies look to us for ongoing guidance, not to sell them tools.  Learn more about the essential protection services you need.

Protect your Applications and Data Files on AWS, Azure

AWS and Azure do not provide all of the security you need.  Learn which critical elements of your IT environment are left unprotected. Understand how IT Security can be applied while using hosting services from these cloud providers.

 Is IT as a Service (ITaaS) is a good fit for your Media or Entertainment Company?

  • Is the growth of your media files increasing, and your IT infrastructure cannot keep up?
  • Are legacy systems becoming obsolete and harder to support?
  • Are the number of sites, devices, systems and users increasing in your organization?
  • As everything is expanding, is your ability to manage risk, security, and compliance also growing?
  • Does finance want to move from a capital to an operating expense model?
  • Is your existing IT infrastructure fragmented and becoming more complex to manage and monitor?
  • Is maintenance more burdensome and licensing, and support contracts becoming problems?
  • Is it becoming harder to find skilled IT professionals?IT as a Service from Synoptek

If you accept that data is critical to your Media or Entertainment company and that the management of that data is equally important, then you want to establish a relationship with a provider like Synoptek that will be a partner with you and not a faceless vendor who just sells commodity solutions.

Benefits for Your Media or Entertainment Business:

  • Gain performance increases through an efficient IT architecture
  • Quickly scale for backups and data storage
  • Get real-time U.S. based 24×7 support to address service issues
  • Gain access to our $1 million investment in the latest IT monitoring and management tools that keep everything working
  • Increase productivity through employee collaboration and document sharing
  • Spend less time with IT issues and spend more time on running your business
  • Reduce operationally and capital expenses through superior IT architecture
  • Create a secure and protected IT environment



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