Data Storage for Financial Services Organizations

High-performance, secure, reliable data storage with 24x7 support

IT Systems Performance is Directly Related to Profits

Profit margins are the key focus for most financial services organizations and to drive increased profit margins you need to; reduce costs, manage risks, maintain regulatory (PCI, FISMA) compliance and continually stay ahead of customers in your target demographics.  To manage all of these items, you need accurate visibility to key data metrics and information encompassing almost every element of your organization, from wherever this information originates.Cloud Storage for Financial Services

To accomplish this you need to store and backup your data in a secure high-performance environment that funnels information originating from multiple locations through a single platform, eliminating legacy information silos and unneeded data duplication efforts creating a centralized audit trail.  This centralized system will also promote security and compliance efforts.

Synoptek Managed Services has been providing data storage and remote monitoring and management for multi-location financial services enterprises for over 20 years.   Our services include providing secure cloud-based data storage and multi-site disaster recovery plans for financial services organizations worldwide.

Better Real-time Data, Better Decisions, Better Business Performance

Financial services organizations would like to make most of their business decisions based on hard data as data driven decisions typically improve organizational performance.  But visibility to key data can only occur when your IT systems and infrastructure is designed, managed and supported in a way to make that happen.

A critical component in making data accessible is to implement 24×7 monitoring of all data servers, exchange servers, network connections and VoIP systems.  Software programs that seek and track the causes of outages and a team of IT professionals remediating problems when they occur, promotes this kind of environment. This is what we do at Synoptek.

Let the team IT professionals at Synoptek, familiar with the multi-location environment of the Financial services industry show you just how much we can impact your organization with an optimized IT infrastructure.

Cost Effective Managed Cloud HostingIT Consultant Services

Once aware of your IT infrastructure activities and scenarios in real time, we optimize a hosting solution around your business objectives, plans for growth and risk management. We rely on multiple redundant fiber circuits connecting our data centers to provide high throughput and load balanced connectivity, ideal for supporting your multi-site business workplace scenarios.

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