IT Infrastructure as a Service for Financial Organizations

If your IT systems are down, so is your business

Your “Back Office” IT Infrastructure

The “back office” is probably more important to the financial services industry than any other.  Government regulations, compliance, risk management analysis, and profits are generated and managed by having an efficient and effective back office operation.  Complex regulatory changes, new product launches along with mergers and acquisitions have left many financial services organizations with a complex legacy IT infrastructure resulting in a poor performing back office environment.

As much as it may be needed, most financial services organizations do not have the staff, time, or skills to re-engineer their back-office operation and legacy IT infrastructure.  Part of any re-engineering effort would need to include ongoing monitoring and maintenance along with Help Desk support representing additional reasons not to start the re-engineering process.

As more CFO’s and CIO’s in the financial services industry are seeing the compelling cost savings they can realize using cloud storage, remote monitoring and management and Help Desk services they are beginning to re-evaluate back office re-engineering and IT infrastructure improvement projects.  And to do this they are looking towards managed services companies like Synoptek to provide the answers.

Synoptek Managed IT Infrastructure

Manage Your IT Infrastructure Using the Best Tools and Skillsets

At Synoptek Managed Services we have the skilled staff with the experience in the financial services industry to be able to re-engineer your IT infrastructure and free up your IT staff in order to complete your priority business projects while at the same time reducing your IT budget.

A well-designed and properly maintained IT infrastructure will support a variety of back-office applications providing the following benefits:

  • Fewer people involved in producing reports
  • Improved accuracy of reports
  • Significant reduction in time used to produce reports
  • More frequent reporting on key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Reduced demands on IT staff
  • Greatly improved customer facing reports
  • Increased customer satisfaction

You Can Lower Your IT Costs

It may be less expensive than you think to fix your legacy IT infrastructure.  “Real world” experiences with Synoptek Managed Services clients have shown that a legacy IT infrastructure can be up to 19% more expensive to support and maintain than a properly configured and maintained IT infrastructure.

This means after Synoptek Managed Services has remediated an IT environment we were able, on average, to reduce IT budgets by 9%- 19% annually.Contact Us -

With the increasing pressure to lower operating costs and IT expenses, let the Professional Services Team at Synoptek speak with you.  We will demonstrate our experience in the financial services sector and show you the results we have delivered to organizations similar to yours.

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