Managed Database Administrator Services (RDBMA)

We configure and manage databases, as a service

Managing and Supporting Databases

If you have a staff of database administrators or you are looking to gain this competency, we can help.  DBA’s are typically very well-trained and hard to find.  IT unemployments rates are below 3% in most areas.  According to a recent survey, the median income of a DBA is $116,690, with the top end being over $150,000.

A DBA’s job is to protect an organizations critical data and be responsible for the database software, operating system, disaster recovery planning and maintenance (patching and upgrades) of the system.  DBA’s can also be responsible for the associated IT infrastructure elements including the installation and operation of management and monitoring toolsets.

Understanding the value and expertise of this IT skillset, should your DBA be spending time monitoring, managing and troubleshooting IT infrastructure problems?

A Data Management or IT Infrastructure Focus?

Database and application infrastructure are critical components of any enterprise IT environment.  Synoptek Database Managed services can reduce the costs associated with supporting and maintaining a database infrastructure and at the same time assist your Database Administrator with IT infrastructure support.

The typical Database Administrator (DBA) is overloaded with requests for numerous reports analyzing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for almost every department.  Business Intelligence, Big Data and the need to know key business metrics in real-time are keeping DBA’s overwhelmed leaving little time for maintenance and upgrades.

Does server capacity, OS problems, network throughput and other IT infrastructure issues keep your DBA(s) from working on key projects?  If you are looking to hire a DBA, get the value you are paying for by having Synoptek manage the infrastructure they need.

How we can help

Synoptek’s IT Professional Team, combined with its advanced infrastructure monitoring and management toolsets, can provide database infrastructure management and support for Microsoft SQL, MYSQL, SAP DBA, DB2, Sybase, SharePoint, Oracle and many database appliances.  We provide complete ITIL-based assessment and remediation services, plan, build and run implementation services in addition to ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

Synoptek Database Management Services Include:

  • Database security and governance
  • Remediation and performance tuning
  • Capacity utilization and planning
  • Database optimization and assessment
  • Complete incident monitoring and management
  • Change and release management
  • Backups, disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Patching and upgrades
  • Customized Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)
  • Detailed system operating performance reports
  • Technology utilization and planning meetings
  • Database consulting and project management
  • Database staffing services


Are you looking for expertise to support Microsoft SQL, MYSQL, SAP DBA, DB2, Sybase, SharePoint, or Oracle?  We can provide you a DBAaaS.

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