Virtual Desktop Services (VDI)

Centralized management of your desktop environment

Improve Desktop Management, Increase Security

Desktop virtualization (VDI) offers enterprises a significant potential for cost savings by operating their desktop environment on remote servers.  Synoptek’s software as a service (SaaS) virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution can meet the demands of your more mobile business.  By combining technologies from Citrix, VMware and EMC, Synoptek delivers a robust, reliable and scalable solution to accommodate the needs of any sized business.

Instead of patching and troubleshooting dozens or hundreds of laptops or desktops, all with varying configurations and operating systems, the work is done on a centralized server, saving hardware, software and operations support expenses.

Be aware, VDI configurations are tricky.  VDI is much more than a migration from a physical to a virtual platform.  IT managers need to understand desktop virtualization storage practices including traffic prioritization, load balancing, caching and various network design configurations.  Strict operating parameters have to be managed regarding network demand and storage capacity to maintain rapid response times.

Let the experts at Synoptek Managed services assess, configure and manage your VDI environment.  We can provide a number of our VDI clients as references.

Desktop Virtualization Migration Services Include:Synoptek VDI Services

  • Complete analysis of your current desktop environment
  • Understanding your Input/Output requirements for both machines and applications
  • Reviewing your data storage requirements and selecting the best, (NAS or SAN), storage solution
  • Understanding intelligent caching and cloning configurations
  • Developing load balancing and client/server processing configuration alternatives
  • Evaluating WAN network bandwidth optimization strategies and traffic priorities
  • Evaluating unique Video or Graphic requirements

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Services (VDI) Include:

  • Software as a Service or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions for your applications
  • Secure access to your applications and data from any device, anywhere
  • Guaranteed reduction of your current operating costs and/or capital IT budget
  • Cloud data storage for your application data
  • Nightly and off-site backups
  • 24×7 Monitoring and management services
  • 24×7 phone, email and trouble ticket support
  • Management and tracking of patches and upgrades for Citrix and Windows
  • Anti-virus detection and protection
  • Industry leading, strong Service Level Agreements (SLA) for cloud hosting and data storage
  • Uptime guarantees of up to 99.99% through load balancing and redundant systems
  • Predictable monthly billing
  • Proactive management of latency issues
  • Management of storage
  • Use of Synoptek’s NAS or SAN data storage solutions
  • Use of Synoptek’s data storage facilities
  • Synoptek third party vendor management
  • Monthly reporting on key VDI metricsContact Us -


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