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A new level of agile, secure, cost-effective, data storage

Managed Cloud Hosting and Storage Solutions

Synoptek’s Managed Cloud Hosting and data storage provides the agility and efficiency you expect from a trusted 20-year veteran. You select private, public, or hybrid cloud hosting custom configurations over multiple locations and multiple environments based on your business needs.  Managed Cloud Hosting solutions also include Microsoft Azure and AWS platforms.

Cloud hosting is much more than just rack space and power with Synoptek.  We take care of your servers, so you don’t have to.   We do not offer “one size fits all” solutions like the large commodity providers, instead we “right size” your hosting infrastructure to meet your business needs.  Our focus is on the performance, security, and reliability of our cloud hosting services rather than and building server density to generate higher margins for us.

Our hosting services are superior because:talkin-cloud-top-100-cloud-service-providers-2016-award-synoptek

  • We get a detailed understanding of your site performance expectations to provide you the optimal architecturetalking cloud
  • We want a complete picture of your data storage requirements to optimize your hosting solution
  • We calculate the demands your applications and users will put on your hosting and network infrastructure
  • We take into consideration your requirements for performance and growth
  • Our experts know how to configure and migrate your environment
  • You get a dedicated account manager
  • We will understand your backup, redundancy and disaster recovery requirements
  • You get the expertise and operational experience of 475 IT professionals
  • We will demonstrate how Synoptek “managed cloud hosting” differs from commodity cloud hosting solutions

Synoptek will take the time to gain this knowledge and detail regarding your hosting requirements so we can deliver a cloud hosting solution to meet your needs and at the same time be priced lower than the commodity “big-box” cloud hosting providers.  We will even provide a comparison analyzing workloads and costs for AWS and Azure.  Read more regarding this Cloud Assessment Service.

We believe we provide better managed hosting services as we take extra care in designing your hosting environment and then managing it with Synoptek’s toolsets and a team of IT professionals.  Give us a try.

Managed Cloud Hosting and Storage Solutions

Synoptek’s Managed Cloud Hosting and data storage provides the agility and efficiency you expect from a trusted 20-year veteran. You select private, public, or hybrid cloud hosting custom configurations over multiple locations and multiple environments based on your business needs.  Managed Cloud Hosting solutions also include Microsoft Azure and AWS platforms.

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Cost-Effective Managed Cloud Hosting Environments

Once aware of your IT infrastructure activities and scenarios in real time, we optimize a hosting solution around your business objectives, plans for growth and risk management. We rely on multiple redundant fiber circuits connecting our data centers to provide high throughput and load balanced connectivity, ideal for supporting your multi-site business workplace scenarios.AWS Partner logo

Synoptek Cloud Services are competitively priced and include many standard features:

  • 24×7 Phone Support
  • A Dedicated Account Manager
  • Windows OS License
  • Host Managed Antivirus
  • Host-Managed Intrusion Detection
  • Managed Virtual Firewall
  • Integrated Backup

Synoptek’s fully managed cloud services provide more standard features than the other top 3 cloud providers.  We can also provide customized hosting configurations including our Private Cloud solution for companies preferring to operate in a non-shared environment.IT Consultant Services

Live 24×7 Monitoring of Cloud Hosting in Synoptek’s Enterprise Operations Centers

We rely on tier level 1-4 data centers to manage your environment and provide live monitoring services at the right cost. We stand behind a 100% uptime guarantee from our enterprise operations centers to monitor your IT environment from three redundant geographically diverse locations. We currently operate data centers in California, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, the UK, and the Netherlands. Optimized for both storage space and computing resources, this hosting capacity permits us to quickly scale to accommodate seasonal demands and new acquisitions.

Expert IT Professionals with Diverse Cloud Management Skills

Synoptek clients will be able to access the blended experience of over 475 IT professionals with certifications in over 70 disciplines. Our customer service exceeds expectations, demonstrated by a 92% client satisfaction rate. Our US-based technology professionals guide IT leadership to optimize costs for hosted cloud computing services by bringing visibility to technology consumption and spending. Synoptek’s managed cloud hosting services maximize valuable IT resources as we manage day-to-day IT infrastructure administration tasks.

Proven, Secure, High-Performance Cloud HostingSynoptek-Data-Center

Custom service level agreements are designed for each client, including 100% uptime guarantees and concise incident escalation procedures. Synoptek gives special attention to specific organizational performance objectives. Our clients will tell you about the depth of the Synoptek managed hosting services, how we deliver, and how we help companies to raise the bar.

Cloud Hosting Consulting and Migration Services

Synoptek IT support services go above and beyond the expectations of our clients. We specialize in evolving businesses through the adoption of new technologies, and progressive processes, leveraging our expert IT advisory services to manage your IT infrastructure.  Use our Synoptek Cloud Hosting team to let us map out a migration strategy.  We assign a lead technical engineer to provide insights into different technologies and solutions to improve your business. You benefit from a partner-based savings plan, and we offer a scalable solution to help you manage incoming staff at no extra cost.

The Benefits of using Synoptek Cloud Hosting Services:

  • Industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) for cloud hosting/computing and data storage
  • Uptime guarantees of up to 100%
  • Competitive pricing based on usage parameters that the client can set and change
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): no capital investment required
  • Cloud Hosting – Software as a Service (SaaS): All popular operating systems and leading Microsoft Applications supported, including Office 365
  • Predictable monthly billing for cloud hosting and data storage
  • Optimized Storage Area Network (SAN) configuration to save you data storage costs
  • Advanced trouble ticketing system for any cloud hosted platform
  • Mobile applications, corporate sites, rich media sites and test and development sites supported
  • Game servers, VoIP, streaming video or other latency sensitive applications supported
  • Microsoft Servers, Linux Servers, VMware environments, Hyper-V supported
  • MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, Esri Geospatial Applications, Cisco VoIP, Enterprise solutions (i.e. PeopleSoft, Oracle, Citrix, Siebel, Hyperion) supported
  • Application setup and migration services for; Qualiac, Great Plains, SAP, Voyager and more …
  • Access to databases on a pay-per-use basis

Synoptek Managed Cloud Hosting Includes:

  • 24×7 Phone Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Managed Security: Intrusion Detection 24×7Synoptek Managed Cloud Hosting
  • Hosting available in up to Tier 4 facilities with N+1 infrastructure
  • Virtualization and optimized storage
  • Unified data storage architecture supporting multiple workloads
  • Scalable, so cloud hosting capacity may be increased or decreased quickly
  • Managed load balancing for data storage
  • Various firewall options available, VLANS, 128-bit and 256-bit encryption algorithms maintain data security
  • SSL and token-based credentials for remote access and end-user authentication
  • Virtual storage tiering automates data movement based on application affinity and workload
  • Use of leading-edge advanced software server and networking administration tools
  • Network bandwidth can be designed to accommodate peak traffic periods
  • Availability to connect to multiple Internet providers in the same facility
  • Embedded data security protects data assets through role-based administration, encryption, spam and anti-virus filters
  • System updates and patches
  • Administration by Synoptek expert System Administrators
  • Up to 64GB per virtual machineContact Us -
  • Proactive security scans monitoring for database, operating system, SNMP, and hardware issues
  • 24×7 facility-based security access, alarms, and video surveillance systems
  • 24×7 monitoring and management services
  • 24×7 phone, email and trouble ticket support is available
  • Monthly reporting and documentation on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Compliance with SSAE, SOC2, HIPAA, PCI

Synoptek’s Managed Cloud Hosting services are leading the way in providing a new level of managed hosting services. Contact Us now to find out more.

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