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Advantages of IT OutsourcingReduce-IT-Costs

Synoptek provides a complete support services package for end-to-end IT service management that changes the way businesses manage and operate their information systems.  According to a Gartner report, outsourcing your IT environment will lower IT operating costs 19%-29%. More importantly, it will free IT staff to focus on core business objectives and projects.

Companies access industry knowledge from experienced IT executives that develop your IT strategy, and from expert engineers who ensure your information systems are secure, dependable, robust, secure and efficient.  Our customized Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guarantee our performance in writing.

You have satisfaction in our ability to align your IT systems and technology with the size and complexity of your business. Synoptek has the experience and expertise to manage your complete IT environment with services that include:

IT Outsourcing, a Way Out of the “Trough”

IDC states that 43% of companies have hit a digital “trough.”  That is where they realize the enormity of the challenge in aligning the organization capabilities, talent, processes, and spend is unrealistic.  Outsourcing part, or all, of your IT infrastructure and its operation, can get you the business results you want.
The Top 15 Reasons for IT Outsourcing:
  1. Lower operational and labor costsContact Us -
  2. Gain the ability to focus staff and resources on core business projects
  3. Leverage a larger knowledge base with a wide-range of experience
  4. Mitigate risks for projects where internal resources do not have the skills or time to complete
  5. Speed up implementation time for IT infrastructure maintenance activities and upgrades
  6. Gain expertise for temporary projects
  7. Learn about operational issues or advantages of different IT management tools and platforms
  8. Increase end-user satisfaction by outsourcing support functions (Help Desk)
  9. Improve IT performance corporate-wide, using the latest technology
  10. Immediately reduce risk and meet compliance criteria
  11. Improve overall end-user and IT security with outsourced “Security as a Service” offerings
  12. Get 24×7 support without the capital budget expenditures
  13. Acquire “proactive” insight and prevent outages on networks, servers, and databases
  14. Realize economies of scale and significant cost savings with an MSP managing all of your IT infrastructure
  15. Get “fixed” monthly pricing with no surprises and customized agreements

Be assured your IT outsourcing solution is the best as Synoptek will stand behind its operational performance metrics.

Over 20 year’s experience and 475 IT professionals, and a “customer first” focus, you will quickly learn why Synoptek is ranked one of the Top 5 Total Service companies providing outsourced it services.

Virtual CIO Outsourcing

The Synoptek complete management services package includes a virtual CIO to lead your IT support and management efforts and be responsible for IT strategy and planning that will enable you to accomplish your business initiatives. We manage and participate in performance accountability, business review meetings, IT assessments and recommendations, technology roadmaps, policy review, security audits and advisory services. You stay focused on your core business goals.  Learn more …

Complete IT Outsourcing AdvantagesAdvantges of Outsourcing IT to a Managed Service Provider

The Synoptek approach changes the way you manage and operate your information systems. Our Cloud Hosting services, 24×7 US-based Help Desk service centers, Backup and Disaster Recovery services along with our IT infrastructure monitoring and management capabilities provide organizations a compelling reason to evaluate current strategies. Our skilled IT talent advises companies in a highly complex information technology environment where businesses are challenged to meet the increasing demands to manage their own IT infrastructure, risks, devices and end users.  Learn More …

When you engage Synoptek, you engage an IT partner that provides high caliber, end-to-end technology management exuding confidence and trust to help grow your business. Our technology solutions promise forward thinking and innovation that leverages the strengths of your people, processes, and technologies to attain your business objectives.  Learn more …

What IT functions should you outsource?

A good way to look at what IT tasks should be outsourced is to relate IT staff efforts and costs to business goals.  For example, a business may be generating several hundred Help Desk tickets monthly, so the IT department needs enough staff, IT service management capability and support tools to address this workload.  However, from a “business” perspective, Help Desk trouble tickets do not have much to do with what the business is trying to accomplish.  They are a maintenance activity.

Outsourcing Help Desk services would free up IT staff to focus on the projects and goals that drive the business forward.  Synoptek monitoring, management, and 24×7 Help Desk services, bundled together, provides the trained staff and IT service management platforms to handle problems quicker and at a lower cost than the IT departments in most businesses.  IT outsourcing can save money, but perhaps more importantly provide better service levels to internal and external users.

Other tasks that can easily be outsourced include 24×7 monitoring, performance management, patching, upgrading and system migration projects.

Think of Hybrid “Outsourcing,” like Hybrid Cloud

Many businesses employ hybrid cloud solutions to realize the cost-effectiveness and improved quality of cloud services while still holding on to some applications and data that needs to meet strict compliance or security requirements.  Hybrid IT outsourcing refers to outsourcing one, or several, IT infrastructure components.

Businesses need to consider IT outsourcing in the same way as Hybrid Cloud services.  Cloud services augment data storage, provide flexibility and lower costs.  IT outsourcing solutions, in the same way, can provide expert staff on an as needed basis and provide IT management and support services with guaranteed performance levels, also lowering costs.


Key advantages of using Synoptek IT Outsourcing services:

  • Flexibility, turn up or down services or file storage space as needed
  • Stability, get monthly reports on your entire IT environment
  • Performance, guaranteed in writing
  • Reliability, outage guarantees
  • Standardization, refined process, increased efficiency
  • 24×7 support, for most any devices, anywhere
  • Reduction in capital expenses
  • Reduction in training expenses by using our staff and experts
  • Fixed monthly rates for servicesContact Us -
  • Management of Office 365, Azure, AWS and other vendor services
  • Full network management
  • Security and compliance are fully managed
  • Reduction of IT focus on managing and maintaining IT infrastructure


IT outsourcing works, and clearly delivers exceptional value. Contact Us now to begin a conversation to find out why outsourcing your IT tasks to Synoptek will provide you a return on your investment on many levels.

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