10 “Red Flags” to watch for when hiring an IT Consultant

An IT Consulting Partner

Business success is measured as an attainment of revenue or profit goals.  The key to reaching these targets is business productivity and how well an organization is executing its overall strategy.

The single most important factor, other than your people, is your IT systems and environment.  Many organizations rely on IT consulting firms to evaluate their IT technologies and systems to determine whether their IT environment is a hindrance or enabling them to reach their business goals.  IT technology and processes need to be agile and efficient and deliver the performance expected and avoid the consequences of poor performance and failure.

An IT consulting firm needs to act in the customers best interest and evaluate products, services, and solutions that best fit the client’s needs and for various reasons, this is not always reality.

Below we have listed 10 ways which an IT consulting firm may not achieve the optimum solution for your organization.

The IT Consulting “Red Flags”Synoptek IT Consulting Services

There are 10 ways an IT consultant can hurt your business:

  1. Perceptions of situations versus reality
  2. Working only in their “comfort zone”
  3. Recommending old “tried and true” solutions
  4. Support their “partner” vendors only
  5. Have limited staff with inadequate experience
  6. Don’t have experience with your particular project
  7. Their business model is to design, install and leave (break/fix)
  8. Uncertain about IT “problem solving” in a live operational environment
  9. Lack of facilities and staff to provide continuous support
  10. Not familiar with where technology is “headed”


Synoptek IT consultants can help your business:

  • We work with all types of devices, platforms and operating systems for over 3,000 clients
  • We are vendor agnostic and always recommend the best solutions that meet our client’s needsIT as a Service from Synoptek
  • We have 475 Staff, 90% are IT professionals
  • We have 24×7 Operational Experience with 4 Help Desk Service Centers
  • We design, install and provide 24×7 support and back everything we do with performance agreements
  • We work in a “real-time” IT environment, and we encounter and resolve complex IT problems for our customers every day

Synoptek IT Consultants will perform a comprehensive assessment and analysis of your current IT infrastructure which will guide us to understand your business challenges, gaps, risk, and issues.  We will then present scalable, tailored solutions to move your business forward. We assess, define, and plan in detail your IT needs based on your current business direction, recommending full-scale solutions or an à la carte menu for the service level that best fits your business and your budget.

Beyond suggesting solutions, if you want, we stand by our recommendations by taking responsibility for their implementation, operation, support, and performance.

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