Top 25 Challenges Managing Your IT Infrastructure

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IT Consulting, Choose Wisely

Your IT environment and IT infrastructure should be designed around your business.  In fact, be part of your overall business strategy.  Your technology should be an enabler in helping you in reach your business

Technology moves fast today.  New technologies act as enhanced enabler’s and at the same time create more risk.  The hard part is to match your budget, skills, and risk tolerance with the benefits new technology can bring.

To accomplish this, most organizations rely on IT consultants.  Your IT technology and processes need to be agile and efficient to deliver the results you expect and avoid the consequences of poor performance and failure.  Synoptek IT consultants bring operational experience with an understanding of business value to our clients.

So Really, What is Keeping You Awake?

We have some ideas, from an IT perspective, what may be keeping you from sleeping.  Synoptek IT consultants understand these issues as we provide support for over 3,000 clients using our 475 person IT staff.

This operational understanding of complex IT environments gives an “edge” to our Consulting Team in addressing the 25 IT top challenges listed below.

The Top 25 Challenges in Today’s IT Environment:

  1. How can I focus my team on the things that matter most?
  2. How do I support my users and clients 24x7x365?
  3. How do I speed up the time to market and delivery of my products and services?
  4. How do I achieve compliance without enormous time and expense?
  5. How do I retain skilled IT personnel and reduce attrition?
  6. How do I meet service levels for internal and external users?
  7. How do I consolidate the number of vendors/partners?Synoptek IT Consulting Challenges
  8. Am I adequately managing IT risk?
  9. How much should I spend on IT security?
  10. How do I reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?
  11. Am I allocating IT operating expenses the best way?
  12. Is it possible to lower IT capital costs?
  13. How can I achieve a predictable cost structure to manage my IT platforms?
  14. How can I accurately predict/plan for growth and scale?
  15. How can I moderate and conserve cash flow?
  16. What economies of scale can be leveraged?
  17. How do I improve accessibility and performance for my users/vendors/customers?
  18. How do I minimize IT infrastructure downtime?
  19. How do I find skilled and trained IT staff?
  20. How do I give my customers and users a better experience?
  21. How do I build and operate IT infrastructure supporting multiple devices and software, what is my Return on Investment?
  22. Am I prepared to manage volatile business requirements?
  23. How do I manage all of my growing IT assets?
  24. Is our IT staff capable of handling aggressive internal/external service levels?
  25. How do I avoid technology obsolescence?

Our IT Consultants Design a Custom IT Roadmap to Meet These Challenges

The Synoptek IT Consulting Team recognizes rapid technology growth—in web-enabled business processes, systems, and applications—and the need to deploy the right technology at the right time to meet the challenges call-us-2listed above. Our IT consultants work together with you to develop a plan and then work to keep you informed meeting project milestones, budget, deliverables, and timelines. We determine the current state of your IT infrastructure and identify best business practices to help you going forward.

Based on your unique needs and challenges, Synoptek Consultants will design a custom roadmap to meet your IT and business needs and achieve results.


Synoptek IT Consultants Help you Choose IT Solutions that Best Fit Your Needs


Synoptek IT consultants help you choose the right business processes and systems to attain your business goals. We review and analyze your current business processes to create a comprehensive plan aligning IT infrastructure and software platforms with an improved workflow. After we understand your challenges, we design solutions that improve efficiencies, streamline your processes, and strengthen your business to operate at a superior service level. We work with you to select and implement software and IT solutions that fit your budget.

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