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24x7 Apple Support Services for your Enterprise

For Apple Support Call 1-800-275-2273, we provide Apple Enterprise Support for our clients.

Full-Service Certified Apple Support for the Enterprise

Apple believes in a total lifecycle with technology. From unboxing to recycling, working with Apple products and services is an intentionally designed experience. Synoptek shares Apple’s philosophy; It starts and ends with the client in mind. Together we are building a reputation in the Apple community for trust-based business relationships and for providing 24×7 problem resolution through our Apple Managed Support Services.  Companies are quickly migrating to Apple products because of their reputation for innovation, quality and renowned ease of use.Consultnts_Ntwrk_40K_2ln-[Converted]

As certified members of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN) with years of Apple experience, we are one of the few Managed Service Provider’s that offer unlimited technical support 24×7 for all Apple devices including Mac OS X desktops, OS X and Final Cut Servers, iPads, iPhones and any Apple networked device. Crucially, we’ve always been a mixed platform environment, and while we know Apple through and through, we know how Apple technologies fit within the portfolio of IT that helps drive your business.

Apple Consulting Services – Migrating from a Window-based environment to Apple-based platforms –

We know what we are doing …

The ever-increasing adoption of Apple hardware and iOS devices makes our Synoptek “IT as a Service” offering a great fit for companies that want to be able to operate in a hybrid environment that includes both Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows devices.  Our technology experts are Apple trained and hold the latest Apple and Microsoft certifications. Our consultants and solution architects can provide a seamless integration in migrating to multiple operating system platforms.

Internally, Synoptek supports a hybrid Apple and Windows environment, so our IT staff has experience in handling issues that arise from “mixed-OS” platforms. This experience allows us to get Apple migrations done quickly and at a lower cost.  Our 24×7 Help Desk Service Center staff can also address any questions regarding using Microsoft Windows applications on Apple devices.

Apple in the Enterprise, it’s here

A recent study indicated that 66% of surveyed businesses are now using Apple Macs in the workplace, and 70% of these Apple Macs were part of a corporate BYOD program.  More importantly, 30% were “unsanctioned.”  And Apple dominance of the mobile market is transforming businesses worldwide – over 90% of businesses in the US have iPhones or iPads deployed

Our point is Apple is here and becoming more prevalent in every business.  Our question is how is your IT department managing these devices?  Here is what we know so far:

  • 69% of Apple devices are unmanaged
  • 65% of Macs access sensitive customer information
  • 63% of Apple devices used for work are personally owned

Is your IT department ready for iOS device management and support?maze1

Most IT departments are not adequately addressing security, support and governance issues with Apple devices in the same way they deal with Windows and Android devices.

As one of the few Managed Services Providers that is an Apple Certified Partner, we have the tools and the skills to successfully manage an Apple iOS Mac and Windows environment.  We do this daily for our staff and clients, over 10,000 devices.  Give us a call now to Learn More how we can help you operate a secure, high-performance IT enterprise supporting multiple operating systems.

Advantages in using Synoptek to support a hybrid OS environment

  • By using a Managed Services Provider, your organization can offer the freedom of BYOD with the control and security needed
  • Technical support 24×7 for all Windows & Apple devices including Mac OS X desktops, OS X and Final Cut Servers, iPads, iPhones and any Apple networked device
  • Administration and governance in mixed-platform environments
  • Experience in designing and developing Apple business applications
  • Large Apple & Windows certified staff at your disposal

Apple Device Monitoring and Management for the Enterprise

Our Apple specific and hybrid IT monitoring tools will provide you the insight needed to quickly remediate challenges before they become problems.  Our three 24×7 US-based Help Desk Service Centers currently support large Enterprise clients and Universities each having hundreds of Apple devices.

Our advanced Apple support and monitoring systems collect and track real-time data on every device in your environment to maximize Apple system performance.  If an error gets reported, we can resolve issues that could degrade system performance or cause outages.  These systems also ensure software performance and security programs are operating within expected ranges.

Our very own Matthew McGraw participates in the Apple Consultants Advisory Council. It’s a fancy way of saying he contributes to how Apple develops and maintains its programs and how they are brought to the public. It’s an honor, and we got it because we have the tools and the credentials to provide exceptional Apple Support services at all business levels.

Apple IT Support Services

 Apple MAC user

Synoptek provides complete end-to-end Apple enterprise IT management and support. We manage hybrid Apple and PC environments including mobile devices.

We can be your entire IT department, or can strengthen your existing IT department skill-sets. We make it cost effective because we have the experience, staff, and tools.

  • 24×7 US-based Apple Help Desk support services
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Apple 24×7 monitoring and management services
  • Fixed monthly fee or incident-based service plans



Apple Consulting

 Apple Business Users

Our Apple IT Consulting Services help your organization with IT projects, from systems integration, updates and network support including iOS application development.

We design and implement projects that come in on time and budget with over a 95% satisfaction rate.

  • Large Apple certified staff
  • Experience in writing and supporting Apple business applications
  • Administration and governance in mixed-platform environments
  • Apple migration specialists



Our business starts and ends with you, our client. We believe and have built our business on a proactive approach to all of our Apple Services. We don’t wait around for your devices to malfunction; we are constantly looking ahead to deliver solutions that improve IT capability and reliability. We don’t believe in treating our clients as “end users,” we are your friends, allies, and partners.


Speak with our experts to learn more about our Apple Consulting and Support Services or any other of our Managed Services:


IT Advice and Consulting: Using our skilled IT expertise, we advise companies in a highly complex information technology environment where businesses are challenged to continue to manage their technology.

Project and Program Management: With a clear understanding of your objectives, we manage the planning, implementation, and coordination of your project details, business systems, website and application development, and IT infrastructure.

IT Management and Support: Increase productivity and better leverage your IT staff by relying on Synoptek’s managed services for superior server hosting, hosted exchange, remote monitoring and maintenance, Apple / Mac IT support services,c VoIP hosting, backup and disaster recovery, and US-based 24×7 Help Desk services.

Cloud Services: More than just rackspace and power, with fully scalable options and predictable costs, the Synoptek Cloud solution is a way for companies to re-acquire focus on business objectives. Learn more about the outsourced public, private, and hybrid cloud hosting options to grow your business.

Application Services:  Synoptek ensures optimal performance for your application tiers: web, middleware, and databases. Improve reliability and performance with the Synoptek Database Administrator (DBA) virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and Exchange Hosting solutions.

Comprehensive IT Outsourcing:   With the Synoptek IT outsourcing model, companies experience cost savings, standardized operations, and efficiencies. Synoptek aligns with the size and complexity of your business to deliver the best value in the market today.


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