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Synoptek and Equinix have partnered to combine the best in colocation services along with the best in managed network and hosting service providers.  This approach has been very successful as it provides both service/performance benefits and data center pricing advantages you would not find anywhere else.

Synoptek, an Equinix Gold Managed Service Provider partner, provides the hardware for routing, switching, and security, in addition to offering both professional services and ongoing 24×7 US-based managed services.  Equinix data centers make cloud deployment seamless by providing connectivity to public clouds laying the foundation for a hybrid cloud in fully-secure facilities.

Equinix data centers can connect to 1,400 networks, 2,500 cloud providers in 40 markets across five continents.  U.S. locations are in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C.


Synoptek Equinix Performance Hub™

Many enterprises are dealing with more and more complex IT environments and having issues maintaining performance and reliability.  Today’s data center companies need to offer more than just colocation space, data center racks, and networking.


Merging physical and virtual systems in multi-location environments creates a multitude of problems and the best way to overcome many of these technical issues is to work with data center companies that have carrier-dense interconnections.

The Synoptek/Equinix “Performance Hub™” has been designed to solve these issues.  Equinix provides world-class data centers and the highest bandwidth connectivity available. Integrated with Synoptek’s IT management capabilities, you get a solution for complex multi-location, multi-cloud IT environments located in one of the top rated datacenters and managed by one of the leading Managed Services Providers.  Enterprise clients are adopting this approach at a rapid rate because of the performance improvements and the significant cost savings.

Synoptek/Equinix Performance Hub™ “The Details”

The first component in improving IT system performance is to shorten the distance between users and applications.  The cross-connect capabilities in Equinix Data Centers are unsurpassed with 1,400 Network Providers and 2,500 Cloud Service Providers globally (AWS, IBM, Azure, Google, Oracle Cloud).

By enabling high-bandwidth connectivity using LAN cross-connects between public clouds, network service providers, data centers, and corporate offices you meaningfully increase performance and avoid thousands of dollars in network expenses for slower circuits.

The second component of our Performance Hub™ solution is the functionality of Synoptek’s advanced network management tools used to configure and monitor network performance.

Together the Synoptek/Equinix “Performance Hub™” has already proven to be a valuable solution for many enterprise clients.  Once a connection to the “Performance Hub™” is made it becomes just an extension of your high-speed corporate network.


15 Advantages You Will Get Using the Synoptek/Equinix Performance Hub™ Solution

  1. Overall performance is significantly increased due to the “interconnection” of clouds in one facility versus multiple network connections connecting to multiple cloud provider facilities.
  2. Easy to mix public and private clouds seamlessly
  3. Reduce network latency by 47%
  4. Significantly lower network and storage costs (we have seen up to a 40% savings)
  5. 65% faster web server response timescontact-us
  6. Run Microsoft SharePoint 39% faster
  7. No need to deploy WAN optimization devices at every location
  8. Expensive MPLS circuits can be eliminated
  9. More control over network traffic and easier administration
  10. Connectivity with over 1,400 networks
  11. Connections can be made to over 2,500 Cloud and IT Service Providers globally (AWS, IBM, Azure, Google, Oracle Cloud)
  12. Cross-connects offer higher bandwidth at much lower costs
  13. Better security meeting compliance requirements by not using public internet connections
  14. Get a more agile environment able to make changes quickly
  15. Get both performance and reliability in a distributed environment

Why you can only get this solution from Synoptek

To provide this solution, it takes the data center and hosting capabilities of the worldwide leader, Equinix and the management solutions of Synoptek combined.


Advanced Interconnected Data Centers

Equinix connects the world’s leading businesses to their customers, employees and partners inside the world’s most connected data centers in 40 markets across five continents. In the United States, Equinix operates data centers in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, Silicon Valley and Washington D.C.


Managed IT Services

Synoptek’s comprehensive, tactical information technology services include; core infrastructure management using advanced toolsets supported by our 24×7 Enterprise Operations Centers, managed network services, security services, end-user service, and support, including 24×7 Help Desk, applications support, business continuity and disaster recovery services along with expert IT consulting.

With over 475 employees (90% IT Professionals) and geographically diverse data centers, Synoptek serves more than 2,500 active clients located around the world operating their critical IT networks and systems. Operating for over 20 years, Synoptek is consistently recognized for thought leadership and growth as confirmed by industry awards and recognition.

The Proof

A leading financial services company wanted to re-imagine its network architecture to improve overall user experience and to prepare for a future cloud investment. By deploying the Synoptek/Equinix Performance Hub™, the company reduced latency by 35% and increased application performance by more than 25% on cloud-based applications.

Learn how by deploying an innovative distributed network Performance Hub™ architecture with Synoptek/Equinix, a leading aerospace and defense company realized improved user experience, better throughput capacity, and 20% net savings.


Learn More Contact one of our Performance Hub™ Consultants


The Performance Hub advantages are significant:

  • Effortlessly move to the cloud thanks to easy private cloud deployment, secure and direct connectivity to public clouds, and a seamless way to create a hybrid cloud foundation
  • Realize an efficient, simplified network that provides access to the cloud and the internet without hairpinning traffic only via select locations
  • Boost network/application Quality of Experience (QoE) by offering higher throughput, low latency and seamless deployment close to end users
  • Expand your provider choices with connectivity to 1,100+ networks, 500+ cloud providers and 775+ IT service providers
  • Increase manageability with the superior agility, security and visibility needed to take control of the network

Synoptek Advantages:

    • Synoptek’s “IT as a Service” offerings manage almost any device, operating system or platform at any location
    • 24×7 Monitoring and Management of your complete IT environment leveraging our investment in IT professional staff and toolsets
    • Advanced security tools and hosting that is HIPAA, FISMA, PCI, SSAE/SOC2, Safe Harbor compliant
    • Operational rigor, employing ITIL processes and working on Plan, Build, Run teams where incidents are handled quickly and efficiently at a lower cost to our clients
    • Depth of expertise, with experienced IT staff holding more than 170 IT Certifications
    • Redundant 24×7 Enterprise Operations Centers using advanced IT Service Management systems to solve any IT problem quickly and efficiently working collaboratively with client IT teams if needed

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