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Synoptek’s Managed Cloud Services offering combines the benefits of cloud hosting using a robust, reliable, centralized management system.  This combination supports the most basic to the most demanding enterprise configurations.  If you are looking to leverage cloud hosting flexibility and savings, you still need someone to run it.

Synoptek delivers value (not a commodity cloud solution) by providing a comprehensive management system for cloud hosting, infrastructure, monitoring, management, incident management, problem management, multi-tiered support, Live 24×7 Help Desk, security, anti-virus protection and more.  Services that you need, but don’t come with typical cloud hosting.Microsoft Gold Hosting image

AWS and Azure focus on the needs of large customers in a global marketplace.  Synoptek customized cloud solutions are designed around your specific requirements.  We have the tools and skills to make sure you understand your options and get what is needed.  Let us make your cloud strategy simple, secure and manageable, and still deliver the cost savings from these cloud providers.

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Based on current market research, the top three concerns for enterprise clients in using cloud services are:

  1. Security
  2. Configuration and Implementation
  3. Management – 24×7 Support

Each of these concerns is addressed in detail below.  Cloud Hosting is much more than just data storage in a protected facility.  Synoptek’s proactive cloud management systems address these issues and ensure optimum performance in a secure environment. Get more information on each of these topics below.

Synoptek has deployed systems that graphically monitor server properties, processes, and trends.  These tools, operated by our trained System Administrators, can quickly identify a node or host with a problem or a network issue.

Synoptek’s advanced management capabilities listed below are provided to its Managed Cloud Hosting clients:

  • Use of enterprise quality toolsets and processes to monitor and manage networking, server, and storage devices
  • Monitoring and support of IT infrastructure including; security elements, networks, servers, backup, disaster recovery, wireless access points and more
  • Management of CPU, disk utilization, memory, file monitoring
  • Management of Public, Private or Hybrid cloud environments in any configuration over multiple data centers and locations
  • Application and database monitoring and support
  • Server Administration and optimization by trained IT professionals
  • Doman registrar and DNS administration
  • Virus, malware and spam protection
  • Load balancing and farm/cluster management
  • Virtual infrastructure management and support
  • Continuous monitoring for database, operating system, and hardware issues using predictive analytics and intelligent baselining
  • Capacity analysis and forecasting
  • Monitoring reports including availability and uptime
  • Management of mobile applications, corporate sites, rich media sites including test and development sites
  • Patching and update managementContact Us -

Don’t wait until you have a security problem or an outage.  Synoptek’s Managed Hosting provides ongoing IT staff support and management to diagnose and resolve issues before they can affect your business.

Unlike the “big-box” hosting providers you can meet our technical staff “face-to-face” to discuss your hosting requirements.  Should you have a question, you will not need to spend hours on the phone and still not be sure you got the answers you needed.  Synoptek assigns a dedicated IT professional to your account to give you the answers you need when you need them.

Cloud Security Should be Your Number One Concern

Cloud Providers do not Provide all of the IT Security You Need

Cloud Hosting providers do not ensure the security for applications, identity, access, operating system, network, firewall configurations and more.  Synoptek IT Security Services, part of our Managed Cloud Service offers your organization the protection you need.

The challenge of finding, retaining and training skilled IT security staff coupled with the high cost of purchasing and maintaining security software and hardware technology in-house puts IT security protection out of reach for many organizations.

Avoid putting your organization at risk and get the protection you need from Synoptek.


Synoptek IT Security Services

Why you want to use Synoptek’s Cloud Assessment Service

Right-sizing your cloud; getting the best configuration correct, confirming your cloud instance types, storage options, peak RAM usage, storage capacity and current utilization require very precise analytics.  Synoptek’s Cloud Assessment Service provides all of this data and more.  No individual cloud vendor can or will provide third party vendor analysis including a complete cost analysis matrix with AWS and Azure price comparisons.

  • With one report understand the best cloud provider based on cost and performance for your environment
  • Avoid guestimation of needed cloud resources, reducing costs significantly
  • Understand cloud “peak and valley” utilization precisely
  • Avoid performance degradations and unnecessary costs
  • Save time and resources by trying to assess all of your cloud instances internally
  • Reduce migration planning cycles by visibly seeing dependencies and shadow IT
  • Gain insight to application dependencies as all commands and web server requests are identified

Learn more about our Cloud Assessment Service here.

Managed Cloud Hosting Configuration – You need the IT professionals

Synoptek Managed Cloud Hosting services provide critical value and expertise in addition to data storage.  Don’t waste time and go through hundreds of pages of instructions and blog post guides (which may not be correct) for setting up and troubleshooting hosting issues, utility issues, VPN issues, and VM problems.

Synoptek System Administrators, dedicated to your account, correctly setup up the various wizards and command configurations.  These will be the same people responsible for providing your ongoing management and support, so they have a vested interest in doing everything right the first time.


Below are just some of the cloud hosting configuration parameters we will review with you:

  • Application server/container
  • Database designSynoptek Cloud Computing 4
  • NoSQL database
  • Integration services
  • Single sign-on and identity management
  • Hosting configuration
  • Utility configuration
  • Application installation and configuration
  • Windows Server installation
  • HyperV configuration and setup
  • Directory configuration
  • Diagnostics configuration
  • System Center setup and configuration
  • Load balancing settings
  • CPU configuration
  • SQL server configuration
  • Linux configuration
  • VPN’s to your internal network
  • Azure virtual network
  • Security for everything
  • Notification parameters
  • Scheduler
  • Caching
  • Application messaging
  • Backup/restore


Managed Hosting – Personalized to your specific hosting requirements

Are these configuration parameters (above) set to standard or are they set to meet your specific needs?  Is your cloud hosting infrastructure efficient and innovative or just a “cost center” with problems and an increasing budget?  Synoptek Managed Cloud Hosting is much more than racks, servers, and power and adds significant value over commodity-based alternatives.

Enable your IT department to stop patching and “firefighting” and start becoming a valued resource in attaining your business goals.

Here is what we deliver as part of our Managed Cloud Hosting services:

  • Configuration and Design – architecture, growth planning, operating efficiencies
  • Assessment, evaluation and migration strategy with execution plantalkin-cloud-top-100-cloud-service-providers-2016-award-synoptek
  • Optimization – testing and “rightsizing” your requirements and resources
  • Migration from physical to virtual hosting
  • Proactive Monitoring – 24x7x365 of devices, network facilities, and performance
  • Synoptek Help Desk Services – available 24×7
  • Governance- management of access, policies, moves and changes
  • Anti-virus, malware protection
  • Access to multi-region scalable environments
  • Security- monitoring and management for threats, compliance
  • Single vendor billing with itemization and consolidation
  • Optional disaster recovery, business continuity, backup services

You no longer have to choose between your facilities, your existing datacenter or third-party cloud services.  Synoptek Managed Cloud Services integrate your existing IT environment through secure private network connections, hybrid databases, and storage solutions.  Your data assets reside at locations of your choice, where you need them.Contact Us -

Manage your IT risk effectively, let the Synoptek IT experts do the design, configuration and provide ongoing management to gain the full benefits, security, and savings from our Managed Cloud Hosting.


Call now and learn more or Contact Us and you will understand our value right away.

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