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Web Security is a Daily Activity

Web security is a major issue, and most organizations are under protecting their systems.  Distributed Denial of Service attacks, authentication, authorization and IT security governance are major issues needing attention on a daily basis.  Unless your “core” focus is IT security, Synoptek’s Managed Security Services may be just what you need for protection.

Web servers and the sites they host are the most vulnerable security risk for many companies.  Today’s complex programs all have some “weaknesses.”  Each web server has dozens, or in some cases hundreds of settings, the website code always has issues and the applications running on the IT infrastructure can also have issues.

Web application attacks make up 35% of all breaches, so no matter where your data lives, at your site or in the cloud, security measures are necessary to protect your data from attacks.  Next generation attacks could be particularly disruptive and may consist of:

  • Long duration compromises
  • Traditional on-premises threats are now also moving to the cloud
  • Targeted recon
  • Social engineeringContact Us -
  • Multi-vector approach
  • Advanced attack technologies

We know two-thirds of organizations find out from a third party they have been compromised.  Sometimes organizations take months to figure out they have been compromised in some way.    Continuous monitoring is now a requirement to prevent any breaches.  Even with “cloud services” each organization has security responsibilities.

Synoptek’s Managed IT Security Services can provide you the IT security protection you need.  Outlined below is an infographic describing the anatomy of a web attack.

Call us now and learn how we can protect your entire IT environment.  Learn More about our Managed Security Services.

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