Dynamic Healthcare Systems

A rapidly changing IT infrastructure required an “IT as a Service” approach adapting to changes in network and storage capacity while maintaining reliability, security and performance.

Dynamic Healthcare Systems is a leading software and solutions provider for health plans that manage Medicare Advantage and Commercial Exchange plans.  They provide enterprise level software systems for Medicare Advantage and Commercial Exchange Health Plans. Their products and services help solve the operational, compliance and revenue management challenges of healthcare organizations who provide Medicare services. Dynamic Healthcare Systems is based in Orange County, California.

Synoptek Healthcare IT Services

The Business Challenge

The main challenge was constructing and implementing as IT infrastructure environment for a rapidly growing business in a tightly regulated industry. Their core business focus required a high-performance very reliable IT infrastructure.  They needed to exceed the performance standards accepted by most enterprises and they needed to be able to scale quickly as they acquired new clients while maintaining full security and HIPAA compliance.

How did Synoptek solve it?

Synoptek developed a strategic IT plan that provides a full-range of enterprise services tailored to meet Dynamic HealthCare Systems specific needs. Synoptek aligned the technology Dynamic Healthcare Systems required to be successful with the size and complexity of their business. Synoptek then compiled a team of experts including a CIO, several engineers, customer service representatives, and procurement specialists who came together to deliver a diverse suite of ITSynoptek makes IT simple the entire journey infrastructure, monitoring and maintenance services for Dynamic Healthcare Systems including:

  • Fully managed, scalable, and secure (HIPAA compliant), hosting environments for DHS customers.
  • Application support (including database maintenance and complex application deployment processes)
  • Desktop and network support for corporate users.
  • Highly secure colocation services.

The Advantages of an IT Outsourced Solution

Advantges of Outsourcing IT to a Managed Service Provider

You don’t build a power plant to generate power for a single business so why build, train and staff an IT infrastructure to serve a single business.  This comparison wasn’t always valid but with the absence of skilled IT staff, increasing capital expenditures for hardware and software and the expertise of managed service providers, this comparison is now appropriate.

Hosting services can now be up to 58% cheaper than in house solutions.  Upgrades and patching are core areas of expertise for a managed service provider and can be done in hours instead of weeks using in-house staff.

Security issues are also better addressed by security experts, unless you have a couple of security experts and a 24×7 Security Operations Center.

Additionally, managed service providers provide written service level performance agreements around help desk services, uptime, redundancy and scalability.

Dynamic Healthcare systems realized the importance of calling in the “experts” with a “deep bench” for a wide-range of IT infrastructure and security compliance issues.

The Results

Synoptek and Dynamic Healthcare Systems have formed a true partnership.

  • Synoptek acts as an extension of Dynamic Healthcare Systems’ IT team supporting corporate users and customers.
  • Synoptek provides a change management mechanism to rapidly scale up and down customer environments as needed.
  • Synoptek works side by side to effectively manage costs without compromising security or creating additional risk.
  • Synoptek ensures DHS is fully compliant with federal healthcare regulations.

By taking the time to get to know Dynamic Healthcare Systems and understand their unique business challenges, Synoptek could design and implement the “rightsized” technology solutions to meet the needs of this rapidly growing company.

What’s next for Synoptek and Dynamic Healthcare Systems

Synoptek and Dynamic Healthcare Systems continue to build upon their partnership. With access to best-in-class technology experts, toolsets, hardware and software, Synoptek is providing IT leadership and IT infrastructure services to Dynamic Healthcare Systems.  Synoptek has also become an active participant in sales presentations to Dynamic Healthcare Systems clients.

Dynamic Healthcare Systems solutions, powered by Synoptek are listed below:

Synoptek Healthcare IT Service Solutions

About the Author

Synoptek is an established firm that provides information systems consulting and IT management services. Synoptek and its predecessors have been providing these services for 23 years.