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The story of how Synoptek began and evolved into an award-winning IT Managed Services company

By: Synoptek, CEO, Tim Britt

When Synoptek first launched in the early 2000s, it began as a consulting business for large organizations providing IT strategy and implementation leadership. At the time, the IT services industry was very fragmented and businesses were having diverse experiences in the marketplace, it was hit or miss with inconsistent quality of delivery.

After several years, I saw an opportunity for us to become more — there was open water in the market — nobody was delivering good value in an area where there seemed to be a clear need. Combining my IT knowledge and passion with a dose of courage served as the springboard to launch Synoptek into a new direction.

Trust me, there were naysayers — people asking why I’d pursue IT services in the first place — that it was an impossible market and endeavor. There was a thought out there that managing networks, servers and security was becoming commoditized and, in turn, valued less in the marketplace — and decisions would increasingly come down to a price game and prove difficult to compete.

I fundamentally disagreed. In our space, we were seeing huge differences in quality of marketplace. I believed — and still do — that because the market changes so fast, it was challenging for our competitors to deliver high-service levels. I knew we could distinguish ourselves through customer service excellence and innovation.

Every business owner asks the same thing — how do I differentiate? When we embarked on this journey, there were a handful of us putting our heads together and talking about what Synoptek could become. We decided to set out and sell our customers a process to manage their IT better, improve it over time, make smarter technology decisions and get the most out of the investments they’ve already made. We found when our customers came to us, most weren’t using an IT managed services provider for the first time and weren’t concerned about price. Universally, they switched to us because of their need for higher service-levels and IT reliability. Most importantly they wanted to know that they were moving forward and staying competitive when it came to their IT capabilities. They rely on technology to serve their customers and grow their businesses.

Now, with more than 500 employees, Synoptek continues to grow every year both organically and through acquisitions, expanding geographically throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. And when we consider an acquisition, it must be driven by a need to obtain certain capabilities or benefit from a market expansion.

Technology, processes and market standards are ever-changing. To succeed, our customers need to have confidence in us. So, it’s our responsibility to continually innovate and build out our market expertise, constantly evolving and diversifying our service portfolio, ultimately providing more value to our customers than they could achieve on their own. We do that in three simple ways:

  1. Provide leadership for our clients
  2. Stay relevant – annually add and improve upon our services
  3. Help our customers achieve mature IT operations that generate business results

Why do I do this work? Our customers inspire me every day. They do all sorts of interesting things — many began with us as startups and are now big venture capital-funded companies, growing 50% a year. I’m both humbled and inspired knowing we get to play a role in supporting them in their success.

When I look back in three years, I want to see Synoptek as the known MSP leader in the marketplace — one our customers view as the ultimate IT management partner. And in a multi-billion dollar market, the growth potential is nothing short of unlimited.

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About the Author

Synoptek is an established firm that provides information systems consulting and IT management services. Synoptek and its predecessors have been providing these services for 23 years.